The weighty is the root of the light, 
And stillness is the Master of restlessness;
So too is one who has been called to serve:
Who wanders all day bearing a heavy load,
And even before all the glory remains satisfied in loneliness.
Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

There are many words you could use to describe me: drifter, gypsy, wanderer, vagabond, homeless guy. Personally, I like the term “traveller.”

I am fortunate that I have always been fed, watered, and housed adequately enough to avoid serious injury and death. I have never had to beg, lie, or steal to meet these conditions.

By some grace, I have been permitted to move myself from one place to another, helping in any way I can those I encounter along the way. I have discovered that this is sufficient means for survival. If I find that in my location no one needs help, I move on.

In addition to base survival I have an immense amount of personal freedom. In the wilderness, away from the constant input of friends, family, job, media, etc, I am permitted the rare gift of thinking my own thoughts.

It was a little scary at first, not having any guidance for my thoughts and feelings. Eventually, privileged with the experience, I arrived at an understanding of who I was and came to love myself. I am far from perfect, but completely comfortable in my own skin.

It is a very special feeling to love one’s self and know who you are. I can’t say I know my place in the world, but I am deeply involved with each moment.

Crossing into TN 2016

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